Project Management

Planning, Implementation, Maintenance – Your digital challenges in our hands.


Using Expertise right

Temporal bottlenecks and staff shortages are not the only reasons to ask for professional help – support is also necessary when trying to break into a new business field. We will find suitable interim managers for your projects and take care of everything that they involve, from drawing up contracts to invoicing. In addition, we offer the following services:


All-round Support

We will take care of everything from A to Z – before, during and after the launch of your online offers. We will discuss suggestions, find the right agencies when needed, and manage implementation. We will develop online content, feed it into the CMS and ensure that it remains up to date. It goes without saying that we work with search engine optimization to achieve this. We are also happy to take care of marketing – we do everything from planning, through implementation, all the way to evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.


A Glimpse behind the Figures

Dealing appropriately with statistics requires a lot of effort and experience. We would be glad to put our time and effort into processing the figures for you. We will draw the right conclusions and develop suggestions as to how you can successfully respond to them.


Does your Message appear on other Platforms?

Besides making use of the usual business platforms, doctors make use of specialized communities.
We know these websites well and are responsible to fill the full content of some of them. We would be glad to support your presence in these communities by taking care of everything, from content development, through publishing, all the way to subsequent KPI analyses.