Continuous Medical Education

Independent Medical Education development for healthcare professions

Medical Content

KWHC is a Medical Education provider following national and international standards and is based in Germany. We develop Independent Medical Education programmes (CME and IME). Our team supports and implements medical educational activities based on latest scientific and clinical standards that support daily clinical practice. Our programmes and activities support healthcare professionals from the different professions to improve their clinical practice for the benefit of patients. We have a large network and contacts to leading medical experts in most medical specialties in order to guarantee high standards of content development and to meet the criteria for accreditation.

We are member of the Good CME Practice Group.

Our services as provider

  • Development of medical education activities with a focus on electronic media
  • Working according the national CME standards and the requirements of accreditation of different healthcare professions (pharmacists, nursing professions etc.) and the principles of the Good CME Practice Group
  • Collaboration with a large network of medical experts
  • Providing online formats for education that are designed to improve knowledge, competence and performance of healthcare professions
  • Developing state of the art internet-based formats using advanced adult learning principles
  • Developing concepts and contents based on the identification of practice gaps
  • Measuring the effectiveness of our activities
  • Following requirements for compliance, transparency and sponsoring

The development of content follows international quality standards and the requirements for independent medical education.

We offer:

  • Research and analysis of needs and learning goals
  • Manuscript and content preparation
  • Cooperation with speakers/lecturers and cooperating partners
  • Management of the certification process and CME reviews
Based on the experience of 200 events each year, we develop tailor-made concepts for you and take care of the technical implementation.

We offer:

  • E-Learnings
  • Webcasts and moderated webinars
  • Video sessions
  • Congress and symposium organisation
  • Event recording
  • Printed educational materials